User trial interface

One fixed 10/100、1000M BASE-T auto-adaptable RJ45 interfacePON interface

A 1Gbps transmission rate with downlink and uplink symmetry

Network coverage diameter:30 kilometers

Type of the optical interface: SC/PC

Hi-sensible optical receiver:Not less than -26dBm

Radiation power: 2-7dBm

Router price in Bangladesh

Security:ONU authentication mechanismStandardIEEE 802.3ah

PRC Community Industry Standard (YD/T 1475-2006)IEEE 802.1D, Spanning TreeIEEE 802.1Q, VLANIEEE 802.1w, RSTPEthernet – II, Ethernet-SNAPVLAN

Port-based VLANIEEE 802.1Q VLANService qualityBackpressure flow control (half duplex)IEEE 802.3x flow control (full duplex)Head Of Line (HOL) prevention mechanismIEEE p802.1p, CoS

Four transmission queues on each port are mapped to eight priority values of 802.1p.WR, SP and FIFO

Rate Limitation of the PortReliabilityUnidirectional Link Detection (UDLD)Supporting the Dying-Gasp functionNetwork security

IEEE 802.1x, port-based access controlSupporting the local and remote authentication, EAP termination or transparent transversalCHAP and EAP authentication

Limiting the maximum number of users on each portProtecting the portControlling the storm of packetsManagement configuration

Various management modes such as CLI, Web, SNMP and TELNETConducting software upgrade through TFTP and FTPLocal or the server’s syslog logs

Network testing tools such as ping and traceroutePhysical size170 mm(W) x 98 mm(D) x 28 mm(H)Installation:Plug and playHeat cooling

The heat generated by the device in a long-time use (24 hours) cannot lead to the degrading of the performance and the deformation of the components.Environment requirements

Working condition: 0℃-60℃; 10%-85%; no condensation

Storage condition: -40℃-80℃; 5%-95%; no condensationPower source

Type of the power adapter: the on-off power adapter

Rated input voltage: 110V~240V, 50/60Hz

Fluctuated range of the input voltage: ±20% (domestic); ±10% (international)

Fuse: Installing the irrecoverable temperature fuse (or temperature resistance) at the input terminal

Power consumption:Up to 10W

Authentication requirements: CCC authentication (domestic), CE authentication (international) or customer-specified authentication.


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